What is special about metal prints?

Save $100's of dollars on framing by purchasing metal prints. While these prints can be framed, they offer an elegant, modern look when hung directly on your wall.

Metal prints are a great new medium when seeking high-resolution, tack-sharp images with vibrant, luminescent colors. Unlike some other metal prints where images are "transferred" onto metal, our MetalPrints utilize a technique in which dyes are infused into specially coated aluminum sheets resulting in an archival life of close to 100 years! 

These durable prints are resistant to scratches, low maintenance, easily disinfected, light-weight and are easy to hang!

Other media options may be available for custom orders. Contact us for more information.

How do I know what size to purchase for my space?

Following are some guidelines to help ensure your photo will look best in your space.

3/8th rule. Measure the width and height of the open space where you wish to hang the photo. Multiply each of the measurements by 0.57 (you may also use a range between 0.37 and 0.75 if preferred). This will give you a good idea of the approximate size range for your photo.


     Example: Open space measures 3’ x 4’.  3’ x 0.57 = 20.51”   4’ x 0.57 = 27.36”   so rounded up, a photo in the range of 21 x 27 is what you are looking for.  You can go with a higher end and select a 20 x 30 or perhaps a 16 x 24 is you want to go with the smaller size for your space.

If above furniture, allow 6-12" above the top of the furniture before measuring your open space. The width of photo should not exceed 0.66 to 0.75 width of the furniture.

What is your policy for refunds, returns or exchanges?

Sales are considered "Custom Orders" as they are signed, limited edition prints and therefore are NOT eligible for return, exchange, or refund. 

Damaged prints will be replaced if:

1. Notification of damage is received by John Grisbach Photography within 7-days of your receipt of item.

2. Photograph showing the damage is received by John Grisbach Photography within 7 days of receipt of item.

    *Photographs must be sent to [email protected].

3. Damage is determined to have occurred during shipping or during printing process.

How long will it take before I receive my order? 

Once your order is received, John personally reviews the selected image for any issues and verifies that larger sizes will print with the quality and clarity you expect of a fine art print.  We then request a proof from the printer and once approved, submit the order for printing. The finished product is sent directly to you from our printers. This process can take between 5-10 days.  If any adjustments made to the photo alter the look from the print viewed in our on-line store, you will receive a digital artists proof image to approve and confirm that it still meets with your approval.  Custom sizes follow the same process.  (Note: Turn-around times may be extended if digital proofs are not promptly approved by the customer.)

How do I place an order for a custom size?

1. Email John at [email protected] with the name or number of the desired photograph, the desired       size, and finish.

2. John will review the request to see if the request can be accommodated while maintaining the integrity of the photo. 

3. You will receive a digital proof for approval prior to proceeding as well as a quote for the print.

4. Once approved, the request will be sent to the printer and the print will be sent directly to you from the printer. 

5. Turn-around time is dependent upon the time it takes the customer to review and approve the proofs. 

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